The web site dedicated to the people who established and grew Betar Australia:  1948 - 1965 ... and beyond.
January 26, 2022
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A word from the Webmaster
A word from the Webmaster Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Our site, which began in 2002, tracks the lives of many of the people who were members of Betar in Australia starting from 1948.

Following the publication of the then current technology of the Betar history CD-ROM in 2000, and with the editorial help of Aaron Ninedek and John Goldlust, I published this website then named "Still Friends after 50 Years" and which morphed into "Still Friends after 60 Years" and now "Still Friends after 70 Years". Hopefully we can make it to the next increment.

Now, as the years go on, sadly our bulletins are filled with the passings of the generations. But the earlier times are still visible in the photographic and videographic records of happier days - reconnections with our friends in many different places, news of honors bestowed to many for the services they performed for their countries, and the ability to look up past friendships.

Many people, including me, were concerned with the longevity of the site after I 'retire'. We can all be encouraged by the solution I came up with and, with the help of many concerned, the funds were raised to continue the life of the site a couple of decades - or more - into the future. My daughter will be the conservator of the site. However there will be no updates past a certain point.

The plan is that the contents of the site will be available for scholars and other generations to access the history of a segment of Australian Jewish youth.

Harry M. Stuart
Betari since 1952

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Bulletin Board 2021-2022

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#18 Geoff Williamson        

#17:John Ziegler

#16: Miriam  Briggs           

#15: Ed Adamek               

#14: Sid Agranoff              

#13: Danny Rosing (Part 2]

#12: David Golomb           

#11: Lionel Bomzon

#10: Adam Graycar          

#09: David Layman           

#08: Michael Price (Part 2)

#07: Michael Price (Part 1 )

#06: Elizabeth Kornhaber 

#05: Roland Gridiger         

#04: Danny Rosing (Part 1]

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- Shortcuts to Downloadable Content

There are many volumes of downloadable items which can be accessed on this site. Here are the direct links to those data for ease of access - listed in chronological order of the addition to the site. All files are PDFs and require Adobe Acrobat to be opened.

The Evolution of a Zionist Movement (1948-56) - Shimshon Feder & Jack Mirjam (147 pp)

2. Survivors and 1967 Volunteers Get Together in Israel - Peter Keeda (5 pp)

3. My Story - Lily Skall (117 pp)

4. A Different Silence: The Survival Of More Than 200,000 Polish Jews In The Soviet Union During World War II As A Case Study In Cultural Amnesia - John Goldlust (48 pp)

5. 40 Years Betar 1964 - Halapid (16 pp)

6. 50 Years Betar - Program (44 pp)

7. 60 Years Betar - Program (10 pp)

8. 80 Years Betar - Program (36 pp)

9. 8th Kenes Artzi - 1960 Sydney (24 pp)

10. 10th Kenes Artzi - 1962 Sydney (29 pp)

11. 12th Kenes Artzi - 1964 Sydney (21 pp)

12. Rinse the Blood off my Kafia - Script (6 pp)

13. Altalena March 1964 - Jabotinsky Remains to Israel (17 pp)

14. My life as an Artist - Jack Mirjam (311 pp)

15. Another Reunion in Rosh Pinah - Peter Keeda (4 pp)

16. The Rare Film that Uncovered the Story of a Family that was Obliterated - Lionel Bomzon (3 pp)        

17. Melbourne Betar Reunion 1988 - Organizing Papers (10 pp)

18. Really Trivial Pursuit - Spouse Edition (1988) - (3 pp)

19. Whatever Happened to Emmanuel? - Peter Keeda (31 pp)  

20. Tales from Old Harbin - Sid Agranoff (2 pp)            

21. A Short History of Harbin and Tientsin Jewry (6 pp)   

22. Historic letter from Betar Harbin China (1938) (1 pp)                                                                                                                

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