07-11 Aussie bash at the Bishes.

Quite a number of celebrants at Roz & Henry's on November 24th 2007.
Photos by Bish, Frida and Miriam.

07-10 Sorry to report:

Jules Wynhausen passed away in Sydney on July 2, 2007, aged 60. Loving son of Nan, husband of Eve and brother of Elisabeth, wonderful father and father-in- law of Gabi, Jesse and Aaron, adoring Zeide of Saul. (Sydney Morning Herald).

07-09 On Sam Offman's 70th birthday:

Read the card that was sent to him by his friends.See News. (Organized by Danny Rosing.)

07-08 Photos from Aussies celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut

At the Mirjams in Israel. (Hedva Sheiner).

07-07 A newly discovered old photo:

From the files of Sid Agranoff. It was previously emailed to a few individuals by Peter Keeda. We share it
here. If you were in Sydney at that time (and in the photo) you might recognize yourself. Photo #26 in 1957.

07-06 Rudzki takes charge.

Melbourne's Brian Rudzki takes over as an executive director of the St. Kilda Hebrew Congregation. See

07-05 From the 'interesting sites' department:

Take a look at The History of the Jewish People. (Henry Ben Ezra). Banned from Amazon and Google, Sampson Blinded:   (Avraham Appel).

07-04 Keith Masnick reports on Sydney meetings:

Every Wednesday morning around 7.45 some of the old (and I mean old) Sydney Betarim do breakfast at roving locations. Regular frersers are Keith Masnick, Richard Sekel, Peter Keeda, Jan Poddebsky and Norman Sarajinsky. Michael Price drops in occasionally as does Adam (Ari) Graycar, Brian Pelerman, Moses Aaron, Les Berger, Shula Endrey Walder (Rosenfeld) and brother Dov, Judy Kovendi, Ruth Ratner (Eisokovits) and Liz Kornharber (Schneider). D. Golomb esq and H. Ben Ezra (Bish) have also been known to attend. Anyone interested can email Keith and he will pass on the next location.

07-03 Masnick opens album.

After a 40+ year wait, Keith Masnick is sharing some of his photos which he secretly took at some of the Melbourne and Sydney camps. (2015:) We have added them into their appropriate years in The Past.

07-02 Congratulations to Paul Gottlieb:
He has won Australia's 2007 Clunies Ross Medal. The ATSE Clunies Ross Awards go to scientists and engineers from Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, Queensland, and New South Wales - people who have persisted with their ideas - often against the odds - to the point that their innovations are making a real difference to Australia: economically, environmentally, and/or socially. See Gottlieb in

07-01 Quick Quiz:

In the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, the statue of which Melbourne Betari of the late 1950s was erected in his honor in 1994?  He was a prominent figure in the Melbourne arts for many years. Give up? Read his obituary here  - and thanks to Aaron Ninedek for the
photos of the statue.

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