08-10 Aaron & Eve in Israel

Aaron Ninedek & Eve Tauber visited Israel in October 2008. See the old gang in photos supplied by both Aaron and Hedva Sheiner. Go to
Reconnections in Israel.

08-09 Sydneysiders' Breakfast

Henry Ben Ezra visited Sydney in August, 2008 and reconnected with the gang. See the photos.in
Reconnections in OZ - Lizzie Kornhaber and Keith Masnick.

08-08 Yom Haatzmaut at the Mirjams

Hedva Sheiner reports on the Yom Haatzmaut get together at the Mirjams on May 7, 2008. It turned out to be a nostalgia feast - with everyone viewing pictures and movies of themselves 20 years before. Go to
Reconnections in Israel.

08-07 Lizzie Schneider - Remember me?

I do not know if you remember me, Lizzie Schneider from Sydney. See me now....as
Lizzie Kornhaber.

08-06 Betar sells its Maon in Melbourne

During last year, Betar Melbourne turned in its Maon. In case you missed it,
here's the story in News. - Aaron Ninedek.

08-04 Sorry to report:

We sadly announce the passing of David ben David, March 29 2008, after a long illness. David was buried today at the Savyon cemetery in Israel. Following the passing of David ben David, March 29 2008, we publish his eulogies as delivered by his son and cousin. Forwarded by Danny Rosing.

08-03 Bridge News From Canberra 2008:

Pamela Orr and Vernon Kronenberg are regular bridge adversaries. There seem to be no pics of young Pamela on the website, so she has provided 2 pictures of herself in Betar uniform. These days Pam is a farmer - cattle and sheep - at Bungendore, NSW, close to Canberra. See
Remember Me?

08-02 Thanks, Michael:

Hi Harry, Its Michael Price writing…..(Betar Sydney). I’ve recently spent some time with Avraham and as you probably know am in constant touch with Bish.. I went to Sam’s Minyan and am seriously thinking of going to Israel for Yom Haatzmaut. I’ve been looking at the 162smilingfaces and now show all my new friends. You have done a terrific job and I want you to know that that is what I feel. Its most heart rendering and warm Maybe we can catch up at some time to really make the connection…. Well Done. Best wishes Michael.

08-01 Sorry to report:

We mourn the passing of a friend - Sam Offman succumbed to Parkinson's on March 5, 2008 in Melbourne. We send our sincere condolences to his wife Rose; children Daniella and Kobi, Simone and Jeremy; Arieh and Esther; Ilana and John. Please view Aaron Ninedek's eulogy, the full death notice and our Tribute to Sam.

08-05 Searching for Deborah Cukierman:

Contact made! Although 162 was not responsible for this success, Gabriella and Deborah were reunited in September! See this.
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