05-13 Anne (Entenberg) and Rodney Gouttman

visit the folks in Israel - Frida Sheiner's
photos, taken at her place on November 19th, 2005 - by Frida -  grace our pages.

05-12 Dora Steiner's 75th:

We forgot to mention earlier- congratulations to Dora Steiner who recently celebrated her 75th birthday!

05-11 David and Helen Leyman:

When David and Helen Leyman(shteyn) visited Israel in September, another get-together took place at Bish's home on 17th September.. Thanks to Henry Ben Ezra
for these...

05-10 Shoshanna Jordan

had an exhibition of her work in Melbourne. Get details
05-9 Reconnection in the US:

Ghislaine Palumbo (Jessy Rosmarin) and Harry Stuart get together after 40 years.

05-08 Nudnik, the Shmendrik Camper,

is on a world tour. Follow his antics
as he passes through Philadelphia and Israel.. Aaron's Israel memories have been added.

05-07 Words discovered

- we have the answer to Avraham's dilema: As noted yesterday: "Somebody tore the pages out of my song book! Appeal from Avraham Appel: Does anyone have the words to the song "Young souls, old souls, everybody come, to our little Sunday school and have a tot of rum..."    Additional lyrics added by Sid Agranoff. See it all

05-06 We are getting older

- even the younger ones.... John's 60th. Viewable photos of John Goldlust (aka John Gold Desire - see
What's in a Name?)  and friends  of the extravaganza held in Melbourne in April.

05-05 Searching for Cukierman:

We received a request from Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe in Peru for information regarding the daughter of a David Cukierman - is this the same David Cukierman we knew? Please read the
correspondence and reply to Gabriela if you know of Barbara Cukierman. (Editor's note: Prior link points to the outcome of the search in 2006.)

05-04 Frida's clicking again.

Photos taken at Theo and Anat's on March 12, 2005. Included - an exclusive shot of David ben David who some of us outside Israel haven't seen since the 1950's!...

05-03 Alex responds to Miriam's Commentary:

Alex responds and adds important information on how to contact Immanuel. Also, sad news that Edith Dreyer, widow of Hans Dreyer, a founder of Australian Betar, has passed....

05-02 Comments on Alex Auswaks' Canberra article by Miriam Barasch

Miriam Barasch (
Gottlieb) provides
a different perspective.

05-01 Setting the record straight:

Letter from volunteer care giver Helen Yarad testifying that the passing of Immanuel Holding, as referenced in Alex Auswaks' article, has been exaggerated...
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