06-23 Leo Regev and Aviva Ziegler's visits to Melbourne

sparked a couple reunions - a
40 year reunion for John Goldlust, Leo Regev (Rogovin) and Henry Berkovic in - of all places - Pellegrinis (a favourite haunting ground of the 1950s and 1960s - and it hasn't changed since then) AND a reunion for Leo, Aviva and Evie in what looked like Kinglake West.

06-22 Sorry to report:

Immanuel Holding 1924-2006.

06-21 Sitsky portrait hung:

The latest Larry Sitsky portrait has been hung at Australian National University's School of Music. Vernon Kronenberg sends
photo of Larry and Larry.

06-20 Mick Price visits Israel. These
photos and others sent by Bish.

06-19 Brisbane Betar to celebrate 50th anniversary.

Call for articles, photos from Ben Klug, Mefaked Betar Queensland, and Tara Avrahami.
A short history of the establishment of Betar 50 years ago is provided by Sue Doobov (Gans).

06-18 Melbourne's Sunday Breakfast

August 6, 2006.
Photos of the monthly event provided by Aaron Ninedek.

06-17 The Mirjams in Melbourne June, 2006.
Photo record of the memorable events held at the homes of the Appels and Aufgangs.

06-16 Vernon Kronenberg visits Israel

photos of the celebrants at Frida Sheiner's home on May 27, 2006

06-15 Betty Levy wants to be updated.

In fact, thanks to the wonderful photos, she is. Please view the latest right

06-13 Aussies celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut

at the Mirjams in Israel.
Photos from Frida! 

06-12 Book publishing rampage:

This week two of the members of the Glencoe Film Club launched books - John Goldlust co-authored "
Unravelling Identity" and Rodney Gouttman "An Anzac Zionist Hero". (See the News page for articles and descriptions). Both have published books on previous occasions. In addition, another of our group, Anna Blay, published a book a couple of years ago. There is no truth in the rumour that membership of the Film Club will require a book being published. - Aaron Ninedek.

06-11 Another reunion - after 42+ years

Jack Katz and Harry Stuart "find" each other - in Denver. Jack's wife Marlene, who has visited Harry and Elaine in Philadelphia in the last couple of years - arranged a surprise reunion - on April 21, 2006 - in Colorado!

06-10  Aussies' get-together:

"Old Aussie" Betarim have a get together in Hod HaSharon on April 22, 2006. Hedva Sheiner has the 'piccies'.

06-09 Joe Melnik reacquaints:

Joe Melnik remade some acquaintances at Solly and Rosalie's home in Hod HaSharon today (March 18, 2006). See Bish's photo

06-08 Sunday breakfasts:

Some faces from the monthly Melbourne Sunday breakfasts. Started in 1998, these get-togethers of old - sorry, older - friends and exBetarim occur regularly the first Sunday of every month. This month, they welcomed Michal Enk (Mary Shaw). Thanks to Aaron for the
photos and Evie for the report.

06-07 Grandchildren special report:

: Congratulations to grandparents Avraham and Raymonde Appel and Shoshana Jordan - recently grandparents for the first time. And by the way, to Michal Enk (Mary Shaw) who is a grandparent 13 times over!

06-06 Vernon Kronenberg

- will be visiting Israel from 16 May to 7 June, his third visit. He hopes to have the opportunity to get in touch with old Betari acquaintances. The official events coordinator appointed for this visit is Hedva Sheiner. Enquiries may also be directed to Heather and Danny Rosing, or Sue and Mervyn Doobov.
For those who don't know what he looks like now (and that includes him!) see the photos of him

06-05 Congratulations to Sam Parasol.

He has just been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and now joins past recipients Sue and Mervyn Doobov (Israel) in this distinction. Read all about it here. Thanks to Aaron Ninedek for the info.)
06-03 Congratulations to Paul Gottlieb.

He has been honoured in the Australia Day Honours list with an AM - Member of the Order of Australia. His citation reads: "For service to science and technology through the development and marketing of equipment and software for use in particle analysis and identification in the minerals processing sector." (Thanks to Evie Katz for this update.)
06-04 Congratulations to Margaret Beadman:

of Canberra who was also honoured with an OAM in the general division "for service to the community through support for the Australian War Memorial as a volunteer and guide, and to the Jewish community". (Thanks to Sid Agranoff for pointing this out.)

06-02 Searching for Deborah Cukierman:

A correspondent in Orbe, Peru has requested to be put in contact with Deborah Cukeirman (maiden name) who may be the daughter of the late David Cukierman.
See this.

06-01 "The Grumpmaster":

Abi Jim Appel, aka Chot Stuff, and lately aka Grump, is now a double Grump. Having gone in for a check-up to the hospital, he wasn't allowed out till he had a quadruple by-pass. He's not handling pipe withdrawal well. Get well wishes with jokes will be appreciated provided they only make him smile, as laughing hurts a lot at present, virtually four weeks out of hospital - Refuah Shlema.
Translation: Avraham Appel is recovering from a quad bypass. Raffi Lehrer contributed this news and hopes that we will help degrump the grumpmaster.

06-14 Vernon Kronenberg visits Israel

...and we get another
dispatch from Frida!
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