04-13 2004 - Adrian Rawlins obit:

For those of you who remember him, a recently discovered obituary of Adrian Rawlins has been posted...

04-12 2004 - Frida Goldstein in Melbourne:

Frida Goldstein (AKA Hedva Sheiner) arrived in Australia early November 2004 for a visit and left mid December. A cacophony of
photos mark the occasions of twenty, thirty and even forty year reunions with those she grew up with. Additionally, Frida took some photos at Betty Levy's daughter's wedding. Those have been added at the end of the collection...

04-11 2004 - The Reconnections pages

Most departments including
Reconnections (Israel, Australia and the US), Where We Are and Glencoe pages have been reorganized and/or streamlined - faster loading for those without broadband.

04-10 2004 - The Past section has been completely updated.

The Past: both historical artifacts and your photo albums have been blended into chronological order. This section now includes Betar's 80th as celebrated in Melbourne in March 2004...

04-09 2003 - 40-year reunion:

Noni Gordon and Eddie Price meet in Sydney.

04-08 2004 - The Origins of Canberra Betar by Alex Auswaks... 

See Alex's article

04-06 2004 A Personal Journey...to Reconnect with our Olim.

Harry Stuart writes about his visit to Israel in 2004.

04-07 2004 Snow in Sydney??

Apparently so - see the Sydney Morning Herald article.

04-01 2002 - 50th Wedding Anniversary of the Steiners

is Celebrated in Yaffo

04-03 2003 162SmilingFaces to Stay Online

Thanks to the contributors to the website hosting fund.

04-05 2004 The Australian Jewish News' coverage:

The pre-and post-coverage of Betar Australia's 80th Anniversary posted here..

04-04 2004 - Betar's 80th

Click to see
who was there.... courtesy of Aaron Ninedek, Betty Levy and Rachael Goldlust. (Additional photos added (at the end) April 25).

04-02 2004 - Letter from Camp

Henry Ben Ezra reports that he has recently discovered
an old letter [on the internet] that he wrote to his parents while attending his first camp. He called me recently to discuss whether he should share this with us, but I couldn't understand him properly since his tongue was firmly planted in his cheek...
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