Sorry to report:

Elisabeth Wynhausen passed away on September 12, 2013. Her funeral was held on September 12 in the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. She is survived by her family - niece Gabi and nephew Jesse, their partners and children - by friends, by colleagues of the past 45 years, and by her writing. Just before she died she had placed the best of it on a web page which, unfortunately, as of June 25, 2015, has been eliminated.
Her obituary was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and is repeated here.

13-13 Alex Auswaks' headstone

was unveiled in Israel - photograph forwarded by John Ziegler. (see the bottom of the Auswaks page.)

13-12 Betar's 90th anniversary

[Sorry: link has expired - Webmaster 6/12/2019]

13-11 Identities revealed:

Photograph 11 in 'The Past'
1965 individuals named thanks to Miriam Barasch (Gottlieb).

13-10 Betar 90th anniversary.

Agnes Kainer Geyer forwarded details about the 90th anniversary celebration in Sydney on October 13, 2013 at Sydney Boys High, Surry Hills. 

13-09 Appels' Israel Visit:

Avraham and Raymonde Appel recently visited Israel. A collection of photos taken there plus some more images at another event can be seen

13-08 Passing of a Restraunteur:

Many Melbournites remember our after-meetings hangout on Acland St in St. Kilda - the Scheherazade restaurant. Its founder Avram Zeleznikow died last month and ABC has a news report at  ABC AU. Thanks to Ray Lehrer for the reference.

13-07 Jack Katz' consecration:

Marlene Katz has supplied her eulogy to Jack that she gave on January 27, 2013 here

13-06 Sorry to report:

Mary Enk (Mary Shaw) passed away in Melbourne on June 11, 2013. Minyanim were held at the South Caulfield Shul.

Ena Shaw forwarded her sister's eulogy.

13-04 Sorry to Report:

Alex Auswaks passed away on April 7, 2013. Born in Tientsin, China on 6 February 1934. He was a member of Sydney Betar before he moved to the UK and then Jerusalem. He was a writer of Crime Fiction and Man of Letters. He edited and wrote from 1990 - 1995 the publication of the 'Tientsin Society' for the community of Russian- exiled Jews who lived in that Chinese city during the Second World War. Between the years 1989 - 1995 Auswaks contributed a weekly column reviewing Crime Fiction for the 'Jerusalem Post' He was interred in Givat Shaul Cemetery. (Excerpted from Wikipedia.)
Additional tributes to Alex were  collected by Danny Rosing.  Caregiver to Immanuel Holding, Helen Yarad, added hers and related a poignant story. Alex passed away and was buried in Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem on Sunday, 27th of Nissan 5773, [April 7, 2013], after a long battle with diabetes and then cancer. His memory will not leave us. Yehi Zichro Baruch.

13-05 Eric and Rachel Aufgang in Israel.

Hedva sends
photos of their visit on April 6, 2013.

13-03 Elizabeth Kornhaber at 70.

Thanks for the photo, Liz.

BTW: she's the one in blue (on the left). I know that our eyesight is failing - hence the directions.

13-02 1948 Camp Photo subject identifies self:

Hello ! My name is David Black and I appear as the first person on the left in photo number 4 in the 1948 camp at Woori Yallock. I am standing next to John Jagoda who stands next to Barry Rawlins ( or maybe his young brother Adrian). Yesterday I attended the official opening of Betar at Central Shule Centre and it was wonderful. My 9 year old grand daughter attends Betar there. I remember very well Josef Steiner, Shimshon Kamil, Sam Gold, Shimshon Feder, Jack Mirjam. I am 77 years old and am a chiropractor in Armadale. My wife Ruth and I are deeply involved with Central and look forward to having future functions with Betar. Best regards, David Black.

13-01 Shimon Addess' obituary:

(UPDATED) has been placed here. Brian passed away on December 29, 2012 in Israel. He is mourned by his children Jonathan (Alan) and Galit (Dawn), his second wife Ilana, seven grandchildren and many friends in Israel and Australia.

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