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The idea of creating a web site first arose around 2002. John Goldlust and Harry Stuart had created a CD-ROM to collect and distribute the memories of our youth in Betar. Since the distribution of a physical CD had limitations, we decided to create a web site. Along with Aaron Ninedek and others, we assembled materials from the CD and produced this site - well, not quite this site, but its predecessor. In June 2015, the old site gave up (due to unsupported technology) and the result is this creation, released in August 2015.

The name "162 Smiling Faces" was chosen, in part, to honor Yosef Steiner's "guess" as to the number of participants at the 1954 Kinglake West camp. That number stuck in future years as a measure of success of Betar's expertise in organizing and running camps. Unfortunately, the camp photo doesn't match the estimate - but we went with it anyway.

- Harry Stuart
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... to the reviewers who spent hours correcting the minutest grammar and spelling issues and pointing out image duplicates and date taken dates. The original site crashed 2 months to the day of the release of "162SmilingFaces - the return".  It's been a journey and we hope you enjoy the result, contribute financially to its upkeep and contribute material to its database.

In alphabetical order, thanks to Sid Agranoff, Henry Ben Ezra, John Goldlust, Noni Gordon and Evie Katz.

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Changes made in 2019: (not reflected in image above)
* "News" section is now divided into 2. "News 2018" and "News Archive" exist as 2 separate buttons. News Archive contains articles from 1948 to 2017 and News 2018 - from 2018 forward.

* Another menu selection has been added - "Videos" takes the user to a selection of Betar Australia videos which span from 1954 to the present.

This website honors and is supported by the boys and girls, now the men and women who built the youth movement Betar in Australia between 1948 and 1966 - and beyond.
Its members reside in Australia, Israel and the United States of America.

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