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Visit the Nudnik Page to see the restored 1954 video: Nudnik the Shmendrik Camper.
The web site devoted to the people who established and grew Betar Australia: 1948 - 1965.
16-01 A 1955 Betar publication revived:

Evie Katz was searching through her drawers (no pun intended) and found an old Betar advertising news sheet. Aaron Ninedek then scanned it and emailed it to us where we patched the half pages together. 
See the paper here.
16-02 Douglas Joshua becomes an Officer of the Order of Australia 

Eleven years after being awarded the Member of the Order (AM), Douglas receives an AO. See the article from the Australian Jewish News here. (Thanks to Sid Agranoff for forwarding.)         
16-03 Adam Grajcar awarded an AM: 
As per the 2016 Queen's Birthday Honours List,  Professor Adam Graycar of Malvern, SA was awarded the Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia: "For significant service to tertiary education as an academic, to public administration through a range of leadership roles, and to professional groups." Congratulations, Adam. See the AJN article here.  (Thanks to Aaron Ninedek for forwarding.)
16-04 Harry & Elaine Stuart visit the troops in Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns and Sydney

"Photos from our quindecennial (look it up) + 1 visit to Oz can be seen here. Many thanks to those who sponsored or organized get-togethers and thanks to all for the joy we had in seeing everyone again after such a long time. Mixed with the joy was the sadness of missing those who had passed on."  - Harry
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16-05 Nostalgia reigns - thanks to John Goldlust, we have loaded some more articles, anniversary programs and clippings from the 1960s.

* Betar Anniversary - programs from 1964 to 2003 here
16-06 "Have we changed?"

Henry Burstyner and Harry Stuart had photos taken whenever they met - over the past 48 years. Why? Because, after the first two, they didn't want to break the series - and because they have an enduring Betar-originated friendship. See a larger view here.

17-01 Congratulations to Larry Sitsky: elevated to Officer (AO)

OFFICER (AO) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA Australia Day 2017 Emeritus Professor Larry SITSKY AM, 29 Threlfall Street, Chifley ACT 2606 For distinguished service to the arts as a composer and concert pianist, to music education as a researcher and mentor, and through musical contributions to Australia's contemporary culture. Read the article in the Canberra Times here. (Thanks to Peter Keeda for the submission.)
February 2017:
*A couple of new images from Vicki Israel - submitted by Liz Kornhaber - here photos #56 & #57 and name corrections to #25.
* Article on Moshe Bush can be seen here. (Submitted by Aaron Ninedek)
* Ed Adamek posts a 'new' old photo from 1967 here photo #52.
January 2017:
* Larry Sitsky awarded an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia. See article #17-01.
June 2016:
* Have we changed? Six images over 48 years. See article #16-06.
* More nostalgia loaded - see article #16-05.
* Harry & Elaine's quindecennial+1 tour of Australia - see article #16-04.
* Adam Graycar awarded the AM - see article 16-03.
February 2016:
* Peter Revelman's Recollection - ah - those were the days.
January 2016:
* Douglas Joshua elevated to AO in the Australia Day Honours list.See article #16-02.
* Harold Holt welcomes Amelia and Sophie Offman - in 1950.
* Three more from 1958 - Keith Masnik posts some oldies (#35-#37)
* 1949 postcard from Yosef. Is the Australian Post Office really so slow?
* Evie and Aaron process a1955 Betar advertising news sheet - see article #16-01.
* Kenes Kompanions: 1960 (image #50);
                                    1962 (image #57);
                                    1964 (image #24).
* Newspaper clippings from 1963 (photos #28-#38)
                                             1964 (photos #21 & #22
                                             1967 (photo  #51)
* Altalena - highlighting Jabotinsky's return to Israel, 1964 (image #23)
* The words to 'Rinse the Cordial off my Kafia' here.
March 2017:
* A treasure trove from Vicki Israel (Zack). Vicki's photos came from a scrapbook she has held for almost 60 years. The images are not especially clear - but consider the cameras of that day and the long storage time. Photos from Towlers bay 1959 #58 - #64; Lake Macquarie 1959 #65 - #74  here.
Another camp in 1960 #48-#49 here.
May 2017:
* Hedva's vault: six images from years gone by just discovered. Can be seen here.  
* Larry & Magda Sitsky in Israel. They were feted at Danny & Heather's home. Images forwarded by Hedva Sheiner and can be viewed here.
July 2017:
* Jack Mirjam publishes his life's work - see article #17-02.  
17-02 Jack Mirjam publishes his life's work in art: "My Life as an Artist"..

Jack's talent in painting is well known in Betar circles. However, the volume of his output over the years is astounding. Over the past few months Jack has assembled over 550 paintings and pastels in a wide variety of subjects from the Holocaust to Australian football and aborigines. And his artistic genes have been passed to his daughter Michelle Feder whose partial work has been added to his portfolio.

Download the file (Adobe Acrobat) from here. Please note that this file is around 23mb.