1936 - 2012

Brian (Shimon) Addess was born in 1936 in London, England to a Zionist family. In June 1948 the family flew to Australia and continued onto Israel in March 1949. Living in Tivon, Brian's father put up a factory in Israel but encountered problems with the Histadrut, closed down the factory and returned to Sydney, Australia in March 1951.

In Sydney Brian went to Randwick High School and joined Betar in 1952, where he became a Madrich, member of the Mifkada and then Ktzin Netzivut of Betar Australia. There his organising abilities, efficient planning and leadership qualities became apparent. He showed these abilities already at the age of 18 in organising the Betar camps, equipment purchase, set up and everything that goes with it. All of this knowledge he included in the "Camp craft" booklet that he put together and which was used by Betar worldwide as a guide. When the NSW Junior Board of Deputies was set up Brian was chosen onto the executive committee to head the Israel Relations department. Brian did his national service in the Australian Army and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney, graduating in 1959.

In 1960 he married Ruth Berkon and together they came on Aliya in 1961. Brian and Ruth settled in Be'er Sheva and Brian went to work at the Negev Nuclear Research Station of the IAEC (Israel Atomic Energy Commission) in Dimona as a welding engineer, an expertise he gained in Australia at C.I.G. (Commonwealth Industrial Gas), ultimately heading Quality Assurance.

Over the years Brian became one of Israel's leading welding experts, headed the welding committee of the Israel Society of Engineers and was very active in setting up welding standards and training many of Israel's welders.

In 2001 Brian retired and set up and headed a volunteering association in Arad, where he had been living since 1970, to help those in fixing any mechanical or electrical problems in the home. He also set himself up as a consultant in special welding projects and, until he fell ill in August this year, he supervised the welding of the new gas pipelines from the newly found gas fields in the Mediterranean.

Throughout the years Brian kept up his friendship with the twenty or so friends from Betar Australia who had come on Aliya in the '60s and '70s and was always admired for his clarity of thought and planning and organising ability. Until August he was the healthiest and most active among us and since then his health deteriorated rapidly until, suffering very little pain, he passed away on Shabat, tet zayin Tevet (29th of December 2012). Brian (Shimon) left behind his (second) wife Ilana, son Jonathan (Alan), daughter Galit (Dawn), 7 grandchildren and many friends. He may rest in peace knowing that he shall never be forgotten and will be remembered as having left his mark on Australian Betar and on the quality of Israeli engineering technology.
Australian Jewish News Obituary
(Forwarded by Danny Rosing)

So sorry to hear the sad news יָבוֹא בְּשָּׁלוֹם עַל מִשְׁכָּבוֹ

Clive S. Kessler.

That is such very sad news. I imagine he must have had a difficult time. Our thoughts are with his family.

John Ziegler

I'm so very sorry to hear this sad news. At least he will now be at peace. Brian was my first madrich at 18 Lang Rd Centennial Park. In his own inimitable way, he had a profound influence on me at that time. I am glad that I was able to see him at Bish's last year.

Sid Agranoff.

He put me up in Arad in '75. Israeli standards association will miss his comments - RIP

Raffi Lehrer.

Please offer my condolences to the family. The loss of your friend must have left a big hole. Thinking of you

Miriam Barash (Gottlieb)

Please pass my condolences to Shimon's widow. I well remember visiting Brian and Ruth in their nice little desert house in Arad (can't remember whether it was Heather or Frida who drove me there) for a most pleasant meal, a close examination of Brian's latest photographic ventures, and nice conversation.

Vernon Kronenberg

So sorry to hear the sad news. Pls send our love to Ilana and the kids. Love

Erica & Peter Cohen.

I am so sorry to hear such sad news. May he rest in peace.

Bob Sitsky.

So very sorry to hear of Brian's passing. Please forward my thoughts to Brian's wife. So very sorry. Much love

Michael Price.

Very sad news - I would have loved to have Skyped him more often. A fond remembrance of times at prep camps and our meeting in Israel a few years ago. Elaine's and my condolences to his family.

Harry M. Stuart.

A very belated but heartfelt prayer for our old friend and comrade Brian Addess. We used to often share taxis after late Betar meetings, going home….

Larry Sitsky
Brian Addess