Name: Alex Auswaks - Known amongst Betarim as Dubon (nickname  bestowed by Danny Rosing)
Joined Betar: 6 February 1942 (on my eighth birthday) in Tientsin, China
Why?: 'cause my hero was on parade and I was told that  if I joined Betar I'd be on parade behind him and I  did but he returned to Harbin and was executed  by the Japanese auhorities. I stayed.
Wot've I been doing since I left Australia?: Went to UK for six months but lost return ticket  and stayed there till 1989, when I came to Israel,  and couldn't find the railway station to go back.  Was a thoroughly bad college lecturer. Then a  cheerful copy editor.
Where I live: No landlord or landlady anywhere would take my cats and me, but a kindly Aussie landlady agreed  to take us in and the apartment is in Jerusalem.  As usual, can't find way out (I was always bad at scouting).
Wot I do, cobbers: At present, under orders from our esteemed  Webmaster am trawling my (lousy) memory for
the early history of Sydney Betar. Writing  Jerusalem: Something for everyone. Reviewing
for  I am, of course, a very considerable authority on Jerusalem cafes. Come  visit and I'll shout youse lot a selection of my  favourite.
Orders of Chivalry: As I am also secretary of the Israel League for the  Restoration of the Monarchy, Harry Stuart gets a  special Order of Chivalry for this website. Cups of coffee for anyone correctly answering: "Why is  this Knight different from other knights?"
Cheers to anyone who remembers me. Do keep in touch.
Please email the Webmaster for his address. - Editor
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(Early 2000s)

Alex passed away April 7, 2013. This page is being retained as a memorial to him.
Alex Auswaks
Contributed: 2002