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1.  Back row: Zanek, Bergman, Cohen, Sharp, Parasol, Ross, Rosenbaum, Rudzki,
Sallick, Wax, Swarcz, Rosenbauer. Centre row: Bennett, Bloomfield, Sharp, Wax,
Rose, Kamil, Rudzki, Sallick, Parasol, Abzac, Honig. Front row: Bennett,
Bloomfield, Kamil, Honig, Rabbi Falk, Stock, Abzac, Gold.

2. Back (l to r): Theo Balberyszski, Jack Mirjam, Samuel Weiser (emissary), Yosef
Steiner, Dora Steiner Front: Philip Mirjam, Ken Hamer, Benny Altman, Michael
Neiger, Alan Morris, Henry Kranz, Ludwig Engel, Adam Fleigelman.

3. Caulfield Town Hall. Back: Avram Appel (back left), Sam Parasol (standing at the
back), Janine Einhorn (in front of Sam), Eve Tauber (in front of Janine), Henry
Burstyner, Susie (Kony) Burubu, Susan Aufgang. Front: Alan Morris, Shoshana
(Januszewicz) Kol (turning away), Raphy Star, Evie (Skall) Katz, Ruth (Pilczyk)
Goldwasser, Sam Offman, Jack Katz.

This proved to be a great reunion party. After it was over, quite a few of us
retired to Leo's Spaghetti Bar in Fitzroy St., just like the 'old days'. The other
haunts I remember were Scherezade in Acland St. and Pelegrini's in Bourke St.
Avram used to ferret out places that made felafel and served homous, tahina
and pita (very rare in the 1950s and 1960s).

4. Back (l to r): Sam Nash, Imi Weinstein, Avraham Appel, Janine Einhorn, Raphy
Lehrer. Standing: Theo Balberyszski, Eric Aufgang, Jack Katz, Adam Fligelman,
Louis de Vries, Tosca Moosek, Lilly Skall, Anne Star, Joe Goldbaum, Helen Silver,
Anne Goutmann,Henry Burstyner, Betty Levy, Raphy Star, Ruth Parasol, Aaron
Ninedek, Eve Tauber. Kneeling: Rachel Aufgang, Sam Parasol, Shoshana
Yanuscewicz, John Goldlust, Evie Katz, Tammy de Vries.

7. Naomi Blumenthal MK, Deputy Minister of Aliyah and Absorbtion and World
Likud Chairman.

Reproductions from the collections of:
EK = Evie Katz.
HBE = Henry Ben Ezra.
LDV = Louis De Vries.
HMS = Harry M. Stuart.
Betar Anniversaries
Notes on the photos:
30th to 60th Australian Betar Anniversaries
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11. achel and John 12. Betty and Jack 13. Rachel Aufgang, Eve and Evie 14. Raphy Lehrer and Shosh 15. Theo and Aaron
16. Tosca and Lily 17. Joe G. and Tammy Devries 18. Janine and Avraham 19. Henry Burstyner & son
80th Australian Betar Anniversary
2004 March 14
Beth Weizmann, Melbourne

Photo Gallery by Aaron Ninedek;

Last 2 photos by Sam Offman.

Attending 'vintage' members identified by Aaron (and he apologises if he left anyone out):

Avraham & Raymonde Appel; Evie Katz (Skall); Anne Goutmann (Entenberg); Eric & Rachel Aufgang; Tony Aufgang; Susan Aufgang; Judy Hirsch (Wabnik); Shimon Hirsch; Garry Rudzki; Brian Rudzki; Louis de Vries; Raphy Star; Varda Eisikovich; Aaron Ninedek.

In addition, people connected to our group were Lilly Skall; Elliott Katz; Anna Blay (wife of Louis de Vries).

There were also some people who followed us by not too far (i.e. still in the 1960's: Philip Chester; Avi Feldman; Rafi Feldman; Sam Parasol ;Ruth Parasol (Menahem); and Danny Lamm & Rolene who always brings father Irwin.

-  Aaron Ninedek.

A few weeks ago, I was alerted us to Betar Australia's 90th birthday party which was being combined with their new Maon Opening  which I found particularly strange after attending Betar Melbourne's 50th birthday function back in 1991. So very suspicious of what I was attending, the first speaker answered my question by telling us that Betar Australia started in Sydney back in 1924. Well with Avi being Avi, I Googled it just to make sure and fair enough - 

Betar Australia was first established in Sydney in 1924 soon after its establishment in Latvia, but it floundered at some time in the 1920s or 1930s when its leadership moved to Palestine. ** [See Editor's Note below.] In 1948, Betar members from Harbin China and elsewhere re-established Betar in Melbourne to help provide refuge for the many Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who remained without assistance. Betar later expanded to Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane.

So after getting into my 45 year old uniform for the first time since Betar Melbourne's birthday celebration, I met Betar World's Rosh Hanagah Olamit Neriyah Meir and Likud's coalition chairman MK Yariv Levin. Going there and meeting up with all my old time heroes (ex Madrachim, Mefakdim and Rosh Hanagot Artziot) was a real trip down memory lane. To also meet my present heroes like the current  members of the State and Federal parliaments that I know was also very good. The speeches were interesting but let's face it, we've heard most of those type of speeches before as was meeting Betar's present day heroes. 

But the best was yet to come ...... which is why I'm forwarding on to you this email. I was asked to join in the Mizdar (Assembly) at the end of the function because of my wearing my uniform there that afternoon. So whilst there, I joined them sing Shir Betar which was a challenge to remember but an incredibly moving experience to enjoy. In fact, it bought a real tear to my eye similar to when I sang Hatikvah when joining the Israeli Volunteers of their Sar El program  for the first time, some 10 years ago. So I would now like to share with you why this song would have to have the most important words in my life! Yes, I am not being over dramatic here but the self pride and determination that this song has given me for so many years has, is and forever will help me thru life.

Shir Betar


From the pit of decay and dust,
With blood and sweat will arise a race,
Proud, generous and fierce,
Captured Betar, Yodefet and Masada
Shall rise again in all their strength.


Even in poverty a Jew is a prince
Whether slave or tramp
You were created a prince, Crowned with the diadem of David,
In light or in darkness
Remember the crown,
The crown of pride and Tagar


To all obstacles and hindrances,
Whether you go up or down,
In the flame of revolt carry the flame to kindle
“Never Mind” for silence is mud
Give up blood and soul for the sake of hidden glory

To die or to conquer the hill
Yodefet, Masada, Betar 

I know some of you out there are thinking how crazy I am for sharing my thoughts with you but that's me - a guy who was lucky enough for Jesse Rosemarin and Bill Fayman to have come recruiting at the Moorabbin Synagogue Sunday morning Sunday school for new members for an organisation called Betar

-  Avi Feldman

** Editor's Note: The flagged paragraph claiming that Betar was established of Betar in 1924 in Sydney appears in Wikipedia. The claim is unreferenced and the author is unknown. See article #14-05 on the 2014 Bulletin page for a response from Shimshon Feder.
90th Australian Betar Anniversary and Maon Opening

Betar Anniversary Programs
30th to 60th Australian Betar Anniversaries
80th Australian Betar Anniversary
80th Australian Betar Anniversary AJN Articles
90th Australian Betar Anniversary and Maon Opening
Beth Jabotinsky Plaque Avi Fe;dman and Rosh Hanhagah Artzit Mattan Bejerano
Neriya Meir and Avi Feldman Avi Feldman, David Southwick MP and Sam Parasol L to R: ?, Shani Bejerno, ?, Tamir Alone, Avi Feldman, Ortal Mizrachi,(Sydney Shlicha), Yiftach Nenner (Melb. Shaliach)
Additional photos from Tamir Aloni.
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