Name: Varda Eisikovich
Married to: Harold Brodie and divorced 25 years later.
Children: Three sons and five grandchildren.
Where I live now: Melbourne, Australia.
Betar History: Attended six years
Went to Camp Betar every year that I attended Betar.
People I Remember: My brother Benzion Eisikovich (dec.)  Judy Hirsch (nee Wabnick) Shimon Hirsch, Freda Goldstein, Solly Goldstein, Aaron Ninedek, Eric Aufgang, Tony Aufgang, Gary Rudzki, Brian Rudzki, Jack Katz, Avraham Appel, Dora and Yosef Steiner, Helen Katz, Shimshon Feder and Leah Feder, Jack and Rosette Mirjam, Denis Samolin. (Does anyone know what happened to him?)
People who I still see or keep in contact with: Judy & Shimon Hirsch, Avraham Appel, Aaron Ninedek.
How I Came to Join: My brother Benzion Eisikovich asked me to join Betar.
Varda Eisikovich
Contributed: 2015