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2019 - Shula's Camp Images
A few images from Shula's photo album. Can you identify the faces? (Thanks, Dov Rosenfeld.)
Shula 1959
2019 - The History of Zionist Movements in Australia
2019 - Avraham and Raymonde Appel visit Israel
Thanks to Hedva Sheiner for forwarding.
2019 - Avraham and Raymonde Appel visit Israel

The Law
*Principal, Gridiger Lawyers, since 1970.
*Member, Law Society of New South Wales, since 1969.
•Member, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, current.
•Former Solicitor, R.I. Rosenblum and Partners.
•Former Solicitor, Colin Helliar and Co.
•Solicitor, since 1969.

“Receiving this Award is an absolute surprise and honour,” says Roland Gridiger.
He has found it “rewarding and awe-inspiring” to assist talented young opera singers to achieve their ambitions through The Australian Singing Competition.
He says that supporting instrumentalists participating in the Young Performers Awards in furthering their career opportunities is a credit to the Music and Opera Singers Trust (MOST) team who work tirelessly to encourage uniquely gifted musicians.
When J-Wire asked him what he regards as a standout moment he said.       
                                                                                                                                  Forwarded by Aaron Ninedek
2019 - Roland Gridiger awarded the OAM
Music and Opera Singers Trust
•Founder and Chief Executive Officer, since 1982.
Rona Tranby Trust
•Trustee, current.
"For service to the performing arts through administrative roles."
2019 - Roland Gridiger awarded OAM
2019 - Another Reunion at Rosh Pinah
Peter Keeda recalls another reunion at Rosh Pinah - which took place 30 April -1 May 2019.
Click here to download the accompanying article which describes the event. This is a 4-page .pdf.
(Click on image to enlarge)
2019 - Another Reunion at Rosh Pinah
In the years of 2008/09, a few of us contributed material toward the thesis presented by Jonathan Ari Lander as part of his PhD in Philosophy in History. Entitled "From Zionism to Diaspora-Zionism: The History of the Zionist Youth Movements in Australia", it can be accessed here.

Some 373 pages in length, downloading and finding occurences of 'Betar' or checking the acknowledgements on page v11 and starting p 351 may be a start. Most of the Betar-related information originated from the collections on this site.
2019 - The History of Zionist Movements in Australia
2019 - Shula's Camp Images
2019 - At the Goldsteins
From Hedva - a few photos taken on the 22nd June 2019 with Jack Mirjam and his daughter Misha, Shim and Perla Feder, Danny Rosing, Ian Groden and his partner (Sydney), Ros and Henry Ben Ezra and Miriam Briggs.
Also present but not photographed were Rosalie and Solly Goldstein and Hedva Sheiner.
2019 - At the Goldsteins
2019 - Article published about Arieh Bomzon's Roots
From Peter Keeda: The Israeli newspaper 'Israel Hayom' has published an article about Flapper and his family's roots trip to Poland - the copy of the original article translated into English and two photos. Flapper would like to acknowledge the great help that Stella & Alex Gelbart extended to him and his family in their sojourn.

To download the translation of the article, click here.

2019 - Article published about Arieh Bomzon's Roots
2020 - Farewell party for Jack Mirjam - February 8
Roz, Shim, Pearla Leah, Miriam Rosalie, Betty, Theo Theo Jack, Frieda
Jack Bish, Misha, Anat Solly Misha, Jack, Rosalie
Jack, Danny Danny, Roz, Bish, Anat, Theo, Jack, Misha,, Pearla, Frieda, Leah Solly & Rosalie's granddaughters Rosalie
Solly & daughters Danny, Roz, Bish, Anat Pearla, Shim, Frieda, Leah Anat, Theo, Jack, Misha
From Miriam Briggs:

The farewell party was held at Solly and Rosalie's home.
Jack leaves Israel with a very heavy heart. However, his failing eyesight & loss of his lifelong partner Rosette in 2017 made his family in Australia want to take a more active role in caring for him!

Webmaster note: Jack is an accomplished artist and we have published his life works available as a download (Adobe Acrobat)  here. Please note that this file is around 23mb.

Images below: click on an image to enlarge.
2020 - Farewell party for Jack Mirjam - Feb. 8 2020
2020 - Old Images from 1964
From Danny: Images taken at the 1964 World's Fair in NYC kindly sent by Ben Meldelson's nephew.

Danny, Ben, Henry. Henry, Heather, Ben Danny, Heather, Henry
2020 - Old Images from 1964