Eulogy -

  delivered by Marshall Rushford, Brian's son-in-law:

I first met Brian when I had been dating Sharon for a short period. We met at middle child Jackie’s place on the other side of town, when she was studying at Uni. Brother Dion (who had very long hair) had been away in Israel and it was the first time that all three siblings had been together for a while. Brian loved his children completely and was so proud of their achievements and it was quickly apparent that their life and future happiness and success was really what drove him.

Some time later I remember phoning Brian asking him if I could catch up with him for a bite to eat, I was planning to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. I’m sure he knew why I wanted to meet, nonetheless he made me sweat!

I think he really appreciated the traditional nature of the request.  And naturally he said yes and we had a good laugh and bite to eat.

He was very much a family man and a fighter and an inspiration. In business, he was always planning on ways to improve his return on investment and he was never afraid of a challenge and hard work. These attributes cannot be disputed and have certainly been passed along to Sharon, Jackie and Dion along with his keen analytical mind, tenacity and altruistic outlook.

He was very much obsessed with the right thing being done and making people welcome and comfortable. He had a way about him of being very much a catalyst bringing being people together irrespective of their backgrounds. He was just about the most non-judgmental person I have ever met. And his love was unconditional.

When he met Esther, he found in her a kindred spirit and certainly an amazing cook!! It wasn’t long before both families were drawn together and connected by this strong union and for Esther, Brian was the love of her life and for Brian the same with Esther. It was an amazing union and Brian naturally embraced Esther’s children, Yehuda,  Anat and Ohad- the latter who at the time, was still very much a youngster in primary School. Brian was particular encouraging and committed to providing a supportive environment for Ohad to work hard at his studies. This gave Brian no end of pleasure and pride and I think it is fair to say that Esther was deeply gratified.

Brian had some health issues for a number of years, but he was a fighter even if he was not feeling well, he would push himself to go the gym to swim or to work out to keep himself going. He never complained, not once did I hear him say that he wasn’t feeling well; he was always the first to ask how others are.

As the Patriarch of our family we are missing him already and still find it difficult to believe that he is not with us. We wish him peace and comfort.

Dear Esther:
It pains us so much at the loss of my best friend, Brian. We had known each other for over 62 years and, although there was a physical distance between us over the last 45+ years, we remained as close as we were in our youth. We always reached out to each other on our birthdays, no matter where we found ourselves. To quote Ohad, your son, and reiterated by my daughter Sharyn, "he was like the brother to me that I never had".
We grew up together in Betar, we both went to Melbourne High School and I was his best man. It is a huge loss for you and your family and it is for us also - our condolences to Sharon, Jackie and Dion as well as your children, Yehuda, Anat and Ohad, whom he regarded as his children also.
Elaine and Harry Stuart

To Brian’s family:

I spent many years together with Brian at Betar. Our parents were incredibly close friends and Haverim in the revisionist movement and to read of Brian’s passing is for me like losing a family member.

This may seem strange given that we had no contact for so many years.

I don’t even know how many children you have. Forgive me.

Your dad was a good man. He got on to things and did them without “pomp and circumstance”.

I know you will miss him greatly and hopefully the special memories you have will help you pass these difficult times.

Garry Stock

On Sunday the 15th November I was on the net paying my accounts and noticed that Telstra charged me $28.30 for  4 faxes I sent between the 4th October and the 3rd November.

As those who know me will affirm, generally I am  a mild mannered, reticent and a  shy person ( my mother at least, believed that) however to the rest of the world  I am not generally known  as possessing such admirable traits.

Therefore  most people  can readily believe that upon my receipt of the aforementioned Telstra “Missile”.  I immediately went into my "GENTLE STAGES" of putting  an  unfortunate (Philippino and or Indian and Indonesian) pubescent teenage girl  unlucky enough to have  taken my call, into a state of hysterical shock and fear for the life of her first born, unless this bloody $28.30 was immediately credited back to my account.

In the midst of my righteous tirade, my computer  (which I feel sure is secretly operated by either the CIA and or Mossad and or both) “pinged” signaling an incoming e-mail.

It was a bolt of lightning from Aaron Ninedek, It said "Brian’s funeral was at 3.oo pm at Lyndhurst that Sunday afternoon.”

Batya and I were two of some 50 to 100 people who were there.

Harry Stuart lives thousands of miles away in sunny Florida (having left Aussie shores almost as soon as he started to shave) said it best:


When am I ( and perhaps others) going to realise, $28.30  does not matter one iota at this stage of our lives.


We all offer Esther our love, support and best wishes  and we will all miss Brian.

Best Regards.

Henry Burstyner and Batya Gdanski.

Condolences gathered from Facebook:

Feeling sad but have happy memories.

Evie Katz

Oh sad to hear of his passing
Rosalie and Solly Goldstein

Very sad indeed - but as Evie said, so many happy memories and his smiling face !!!!!

Shoshanna Jordan

Mony and I wish Brian's family our sincerest condolences. Among my earliest Betar recollections is catching the tram together with Gary each Sunday afternoon to Beth Weizmann and again on our way home.

Betty Levy

Shimon and I (Judy Hirsch nee Wabnik) would like to offer our deepest condolences to Brian's family. May he rest in peace.
I go back to 1954 when at the age of 14 I arrived in Melbourne and met Gary and Brian Rudzki and joined Betar. My parents had a close association with the Rudzki family active in the revisionist movement.
Brian and I were never very close but whenever we met there was a bond. I lived in Israel for 35 yrs.
He will sadly be missed by me and the many Betarim that live in Israel.
Judy & Shimon Hirsch

Very sad news......we go back a long time.
We unfortunately cannot be there or your house  later as we are in Paris.
We are ok....but it is depressing.............due to leave very Early Tuesday for Morrocco for Jewish tour with the Joint.
Please pass on our condolences to all
Keep well....look after yourself.
We are thinking of you all at this sad time.
Tel Chai

Ruth and Sam Parasol OAM 

Please convey my deepest sympathy to the family.
Frida Sheiner.

My commiserations to his wife & family & Gary

Henry Bish

Very sad time to write.
Brian’s passing has hit us all pretty hard.
I will never forget the Betar years and the years spent at Melbourne High including the friends I made, including
A group of us sat next to each other (Brian, myself, Jeff Greenberg, Serge Liberman, with Jack Katz in the seat behind us) in Form 6B2.
I remember sharing a tent with Brian and several others.
We were recently making contact again, intending to catch up with another lunch.
I don’t mind saying this but I am devastated.
I bet Brian will be having a few interesting chuckles up there with Jack Katz. May both their memories be blessed.
Brian was a good mate.
May he rest peacefully for all eternity.

Tony Aufgang.
Brian Rudzki
December 19, 1942 - November 15, 2015
MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery  
(Photo taken October 15, 2015)