Name: Hedva Sheiner (previously Frida Goldstein). Still a sister to Solly.
Status now:: Widowed, mother of  son Ami (42), daughter Dorit (38). Proud Grandma of two pair of twins - from my son  twin boys aged 2y 8m; from my daughter twin girls aged 4y 2m..
Joined Betar: 1955  (Kanaim).
First camp: Kinglake West II.
Made Aliyah: 1960 (at the age of '3'.  All on my own too!).
What I did/do now: Worked in one of the largest Insurance Companies in Israel (Claims) for 35 years.  As of 1st July 2003  I am a pensioner and loving it!!!
Betar experiences My first Betar meeting was at Beth Weizmann. The madrich was the late Philip Mirjam. The group consisted of Gary Rudzki, Betty Brisson, Jackie Katz, Dennis Samolin  and……..can't remember who else.  On entering the room I saw Jackie smoking with his feet on the chair before him, Gary looking half asleep, Dennis looking into the far distance and only Betty listening. to Philip. Somehow that picture never left my memory!! Another thing I cannot forget is  Henry Krantz making me sing, in Hebrew, at Yosef and Dora Steiner's farewell function!!  Didn't know any Hebrew, didn't know the song, didn't know Henry Krantz - but he was handsome and very persuasive so I went on and really botched it.  Later I was in Seminar Madrichim run by
Shimshon Feder and others.  My Hashmonaim group met at Beth Weizmann .  Later I was a
member of the Netzivut, but cannot remember as what.

Final thoughts: See my further Recollections first.The rest I shall leave for when I visit you all at the end of this year (in Melbourne, 2004)! !Very much looking forward to seeing you all!! Great job this website!! Goodonya Aaron and Harry M.!!
... at a camp in the late 1950s
From the official Driver's License photo
Hedva Sheiner
Contributed: 2004