Name: Harry M. Stuart
Married to: Elaine (since 1971)
Children and Grandchildren: Sharyn (Miami); Bryan (Boston). Bryan (& wife Robin) have 2 boys, Elliott (6) and Jordon (4).
Where I live (and how I got there): Boynton Beach, Florida. I left Australia in 1967  and landed in Toronto. Shared accommodations with Henry Burstyner until 1970. Met and married Elaine in 1971 and  spent the next year in Europe and Australia. Moved back to Toronto in 1973 and transferred
(with our 2 kids) to the Philadelphia area in 1980. We moved to Boynton Beach Florida in 2006.
What I did for a buck: Consultant, Instructor and Course Designer in Project Management (PM). Self employed for
about 10 years - in the PM field since the mid  1970s. Did lots of travel - went with the territory. Retired in 2010 and now concentrate on genealogy and photography. And, of course, maintaining (and sometimes rewriting) websites for Betar.
What I do now: Creator and current Webmaster of this site,

Since retirement in 2010, I have involved myself with photography and have been competing in local and state-wide competitions Genealogy has been my other passion - I started creating my family's tree in 2000 and, as of 2017, have expanded it to almost 10,000 names - not all bloodline, of course. In the last 10 years I have made contact with several previously-unknown 2nd cousins in Israel, England and the United States. I created and have lectured on the contrast between my parents' refugee status and their escape to Australia in 1938 and my subsequently-found second cousin's experiences in the Krakow ghetto, his gentile saviors during WW2 and his eventual reuniting with his father in New York after the war. The lecture is entitled "Two Paths to Florida" and several genealogical societies have now heard the story.

And then, of course, there is this website. Having built it in 2002, Microsoft pulled support of its software (FrontPage 2003) and soon the website hosts followed suit. From that time until May 2015, I had maintained the site with backdoor technical gymnastics - but it finally crashed and 162SmilingFaces II is the result. Since the software tool used to create it (90 Second Website Builder) is now fully owned by us, a Microsoft Office-familiar person should have little trouble picking up the challenge when I relinquish it!
Betar History: In Betar from 1951 through 1966. Maskir (secretary) of Machoz Melbourne (Melbourne area) 3+ years; Maskir (secretary) of the Netzivut (Federal executive) 3+ years; Mefaked (Head) of Ballarat camp 1965.
People in Betar in my time:
(not necessarily in any order
and not complete)
Brian Rudzki, Gideon Dorevitch, John Goldlust, Avraham Appel, Raphy Star, Raphy Lehrer,
Evie Skall, the Lews, the Zieglers, the Cohens, the van der Poortens, etc. etc.
Anecdotes: See Harry's Tales for a few
People I keep in touch with:
(not necessarily in any order
and not complete)
John Goldlust, Aaron Ninedek, Brian Rudzki, David Golomb 
People I re-established contact
with since the Betar project
began (in 2001):
(ordered by second letter of original surname - but not necessarily complete
Theo Balberyszski, Shimon Addess, Peter Keeda (Cohen), Shimshon Feder, Leah Feder, Henry Ben Ezra (Bishopverder), Leo Regev (Rogovin), Dov Rosenfeld, Danny Rosing, Ghislaine Palumbo (Jessie Rosmarin), Michael Price, Louis deVries, Yosef Steiner,David Golomb
L to R: son Bryan, daughter
Sharyn; Harry & Elaine in Philadelphia (Hanukkah 2002)
Contributed: 2002;  Updated: 2017
... at age 21 (almost)
at the Tallebudgera,
Queensland camp (1960)
At age 60 (exactly)
in London (2002)
Harry Stuart