Name: David Golomb
Married to: Susha (Rubel) and I met on Yom Ha'Atzma'ut, 1968 in my living room in a student dorm in Jerusalem. We went to Florida that September, were married on January 1, 1969 in Miami Beach, then returned to Jerusalem for another 3 1/2 years. This New Year's  Day will be our 35th wedding anniversary.
Family: 16 years after we were married, in 1985, we had a daughter, Miriam Abigail (named after my mother, Miriam and my father, Gilbert, for those who remember my parents). She is now a High School Senior at the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she is training in ballet (she's been dancing since she was 9). She will soon begin auditioning for companies, apprentice companies, etc. for the  years ahead.
Where I live now: We lived in Jerusalem until 1972, when I finished my BA in Semitic Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and where Susha completed most of her BA in Sociology. Then we moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Susha completed her BA at Boston University
(Anthropology), and I began course work at Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages. In 1975, we moved to Columbus, Ohio, where Susha did an MA in Anthropology and a PhD in Rural Sociology at Ohio State University. In the meantime, I began teaching Hebrew there, finishing my PhD at Harvard along the way (1978). In 1985, we moved to the Philadelphia area, where our daughter was born, and I became Professor of Hebrew at the Reconstructionist  Rabbinical College (RRC), a liberal seminary preparing women and men for the progressive
North American rabbinate. I'm now "counting the days" until retirement.
What I do: I'm in charge of the Hebrew program at RRC. As part of my duties, I teach the Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew components, and Talmudic Aramaic (for the 10 years before I came to RRC, I also taught Modern Hebrew, but, fortunately, others do that for me now!) . In addition, every 3 years I teach a graduate seminar in Aramaic to students at the University of Pennsylvania. Years ago, I became interested in Aramaic, and ended up specializing in what is known  as Targum, paraphrastic Aramaic versions of the Hebrew Bible. My main contribution over the years has been to demonstrate the nature of this genre of rabbinic literature and to show how it works
Betar: Keith Masnick and I joined together in 1959, I went on the Machon in 1963, and served until the 1967 Six Day War, when I left to go to Israel as a volunteer.
Betarim: The people my age I was with in Sydney included Keith, Michael Price, Liz Snyder, Moshe Aaron, Helen Myers, Larry Levin, Richard Sekel, Leo Rogovin, Peter Cohen (Gad Keeda), Bish and Ros, Adam (formerly Ari) Graycar, Shula Rosenfeld, Brian Pelerman, Geoff Williamson, Renee and Ina Klein, and I'm embarrassed that I'm leaving so many others out. Madrichim included Alfie van der Poorten, Clive and Naomi Kessler, Heather Cohen, Danny Rosing,
Bob Sitsky (similar embarrassment!). The shelichim were Shimshon Feder and Yerucham Yarden (alav  hashalom).
People in touch with: After we moved to the US in 1972, I lost contact with everyone. In 1991, I had a sabbatical at Tel Aviv University and reconnected with those who had stayed -- Peter, Leo, Bish and Ros, Heather and Danny, Shimshon, Yerucham, and I have subsequently maintained email contact with Peter and Bish, and with Keith Masnick, who now has me on his email joke list (and from which I will never escape). When people have come to the US, we've been able to get together, and we've seen Peter, Danny, Adam, and John Goldlust briefly, and to take Bish and Ros, and Heather and show them the sights in and around Philly. We've also hosted Miriam Barasch's daughter, Tammy, when she was here. In one of those "life's little ironies," Keith has been coming to an optometrists convention in NY for years and became great friends with someone who, it turns out, lives about 20 minutes away from me and whom he's been visiting regularly, while all the time we were literally "down the street." Similarly, Harry Stuart lives in the area, and he, Elaine, Susha, and I get together every so often for Sunday breakfast at Ben & Irv's Deli. I've also recently been in email contact with Helen and Bob Chong (Myers) in NZ. Finally, after 35 years, we went, all three of us, to Sydney, ostensibly to give a paper at a conference of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies, but really for me to see it again, to try to see people, and to show Susha and Miriam where I grew up. While there, we saw Shula, Keith, Ina, Richard, Eddie Adamek, Adam Graycar, and Jules Wynhausen, if all too briefly.
Contact: I'd love to hear from any and all who might remember me and wish to be in touch. Needless to say, if anyone is in the US, especially on the East Coast, we'd love to see old friends, put them up, and show them around.
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... in 1965-66 in Sydney's Old  Central Synagogue Hall

with Susha 2003..- and daughter Miriam 2003
David Golomb
Contributed: 2004