Ed Adamek (used to be Eddy but wife changed it)
Married to:
Estelle (since February 1970)
Marion, Brett and Jason
Dhani, Doron,Domino, Pratigya,Tahlia,Myah, Elijah.
Where I live
In Elizabeth Bay and the Blue Mountains
What I did for a living
That long ago it’s difficult to remember but I do recall I had a factory manufacturing bits  and
Years in Betar:
Camps attended
Lake Macquarie '59, Narrabeen '60, Macquarie Fields'61, Stanwell Tops'62
Positions Held:
Poker/manila game convenor, co- leader of camp resistance movement
Some of my Leaders:
Moshe Aaron, Sol Yezerski, Henry Briggs, Larry Levin, Henry Bishopverder
Those I see now:
Zvi Berkovic, Tommy Fischer, George Berkovits, Geoff Williamson, Eddie Price,  Bernie
Kresner, Leo Rogovin, Peter Cohen, Moshe Aaron.
Now only motor biking, collecting cars and boating - used to volunteer as a refugee advocate,
as a telephone mentor for the Welfare Rights network , as a business mentor for the Eastern
Suburbs Enterprise Centre and was chairman of the Kings Cross Community Drug Action
Team. I was a foundation Member of the consultative committee of the Kings Cross Medically
Supervised Injecting Centre which opened in 2000 and am still on that committee. I was also a
foundation board member of Family Drug Support which advocates on behalf of and counsels
families and friends of illicit drug users. I served as a Flag Officer and Board member of the
Royal Motor Yacht Club for eight years.
The most significant moments in my life include, meeting my wife, having our children, then
being around when our children had their children. Apart from that they were volunteering to go
to Israel with Peter Cohen and Geoff Williamson in 1967 and being arrested in the Domain in
1968 for assaulting a fully uniformed member of the Nazi Party at their rally and together with
about another 100 “shtarker” Jews giving all the other Nazis a hiding and ensuring they
would never hold a rally again in the Domain. After I was released from jail some hours
later I went to a function and it was at that function that I met my wife Estelle. But that’s
another story. 
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Ed Adamek
Contributed: 2005