Reunion of Betar Aussies
1989 Israel
2: The Speeches
On June 29, 1989, there was a reunion of former and current Betarim who had a connection with Australia. Attendees included the Australian-born, some immigrants from Europe who may have been naturalized Australian citizens or not, Schlichim from Israel who served one or more years in Australia, Machoniks currently in Isael and some guests from other countries.

The program consisted of a dinner followed by speeches and later singing and dancing. On display were images of the 'good old days' of Betar life during the year and, of course, at the camps that were held at years-end and during the year. These images - and more - now appear elsewhere on this website and can be found - particularly - in The Past section.

As of this date, it is nearly 30 years since the event. A 2-1/2 hour video was shot which included many interviews  conducted by Jack Mirjam - who discovered that so many did not recognize the names of their predecessors from years past.

The video was edited by me during March 2019. I divided it into two areas of interest and eliminated much of the technical issues that were inherent. This is part 2 of 2 and runs about 14 minutes. It consists of the speeches given by Theo Balberyszski, Yosef Steiner and the Rosh Hanagah Olamit at the time (name requested).

I have tried to diminish the 60-cycle hum which plagued the speeches but was only mildly successful. Still, although annoying, the content is still understandable.

                                                                                                                                                  - Harry Stuart

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