This video was made during a visit to Australia by Harry & Elaine Stuart after a long absence. Harry relentlessly videoed every meeting with Betar friends and relatives over a 5-day period. This, and other videos from 1998, were the result.

So- why now? Stored with several thousand feet of Super-8 film for which he was looking for a conversion device, Harry rediscovered the videos he had forgotten about and resurrected them. Having also located both his analogue and digital video cameras and found them operational after 20 years of storage, he searched out the necessary hardware and software to transfer them to digital, edit and then load to YouTube.

The Reunion was held at Brian and Esther Rudzki's home. About 25 of the old Betar crowd were invited and many of them had not seen one another for 8 years or more. Many of the attendees then agreed to hold a monthly gathering of the clan in the form of a Sunday breakfast meeting - which has continued to this day. Sydney Betar members followed suit soon after and now there are two 'oldies' gettogethers every month.

Latest Version: Version March 9, 2019.
The Reunion