Yaacov Weisman
- May 24, 2020

Contributed by Liz Kornhaber, May 25 2020
Hi Lizzie ,
I am excited and glad to receive your mail.
Sorry for my belated response, we were away with all our children and grandchildren on a short holiday but that is a poor excuse since we are already
back home nearly a week. The truth is that I am very slow in writing so please send me your phone No. so that I can also call you. Unfortunately I am not
on Facebook, Tova my wife is a Clinical Psychoanalyst so we have to keep a certain degree of privacy. I am also not on Skype, until now no need since all
our kids live near us, but I shall try to connect soon.
John and Mary’s visit was very exiting and enjoyable. It rekindled fond memories from a beautiful period in my life and good friendships that somehow
got left behind when I returned home. It is amazing how nostalgic we become with age. I also have some photos from those youthful happy days, I promised
John to scan and send them and I will send them to you as well.
Attached is a photo of our family taken at a reception celebrating Tomer’s wedding.
From right to left Tova (my wife), me, Anat (Tomer’s wife), Tomer (our elder son,40), Orly (our daughter, 36), Ido (our youngest, 28) and Ran (Orly’s husband).
We now have 3 small grandsons.   Ido is not yet married. It seems that all our kids took cue from us and married late so the only thing that we can do is wait
When I returned home, after completing my engineering degree and army service, I set up together with my father a factory manufacturing electrical wire
and cable and also plastic pipes. Today Tomer is running the business but I am still very active on a full daily basis, consulting and helping.
That is enough about me for now.
Waiting to talk to you soon.