Shimshon Feder
Married to:
Perla in 1958.
Two sons - Danny 1959, Michael 1963. Two grand children, Eran (just completed military
service), Maya will commence army service, August 2015.
Where I live
Ramat Hasharon
What I did for a living
Lecturer, Biblical Archeology and Assistant Curator - Jaffa Archeological Museum, 1968-1997.
Betar History:
Joined Betar, 1948 Woori-Yallock camp.

1949: Together with Yosef Steiner and Jack Mirjam formed the nucleus which became the
forerunner of the present day Australian Betar movement.

1953: Theo Balberyszski and Dora Steiner complemented the leadership which became the
Netzivut Betar  (Federal Executive).

1953:  After Yosef Steiner (1950), I became Betar's second Machon student.

1955: 4th Kenes Artzi - Elected as Natziv Betar (Rosh Hanhaga Artzit).

1956: Headed Garin Aliya of Betarim from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

1957: The Garin inducted into the IDF Nachal Brigade.

1958: Met and married Perla, the resident nurse at Betar youth village, Kfar Raziel. Served as
a madrich in the Youth Aliya rescue program for children from the Arab countries.

1961-64: Returned to Australia as Jewish Agency Betar Shaliach.

1964-67: On return to Israel appointed member of the Betar Hanhaga Olamit in charge of
liaison with the English speaking branches, Machon students and absorption of Betar olim.

1967, 1973: Front line service in the 6 Day War and the Yom Kippur War- Anti aircraft artillery.
Also in the summer of 1967 and 1973 invited by the US Betar to act as head counsellor 
directing the two month permanent camp educational program.

1998: Selected by Jabotinsky Institute to undertake English translation of "Jabotinsky Social
and Political Theories".

2000: Editor: Ministry of Defense English publication, "The Irgun".
About 1962

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Shimshon Feder
Contributed: 2015