Name: Roland Gridiger.
Married to: Ilana. We met on Student Academy in 1967 and married in 1972 .
Children and Grandchildren: Children: Ariana, Naomi, Dina.
Grandchildren Lily, Emy, Oliver, Cody, Mici, Dean, Chloe and Ellie.
Where I live: Sydney.
Education: LLB, MDr, TEP
Occupation: Lawyer in private practice since 1970. In 1982 I incorporated Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd (MOST). MOST presents the Australian Singing Competition (HYPERLINK "", Australian Cello Awards (HYPERLINK ""cello Geraldine Pascall Prize (HYPERLINK "" Rona Tranby Oral History (HYPERLINK ""
My Madrichim: Henry Briggs, Miriam Deston, Ian Groden, Clive Kessler, Alfie van der Poorten (deceased).
How I came to join: I went to my first meeting with John Stephens where John Ziegler was the Madrich in the western suburbs and then went to Albert St, Edgecliff and joined the same day as Sol Yeserski and Ziva joined.
Something special that happened: I remember one Betar camp pushing Ann Ofner into the water only to be told that she could not go in because……I remember one camp when Ruth De Berg attended. There was quite a few of us who lined up!
Contributed: 2015
... In 1961   
..AND NOW...
Roland Gridiger