Noni Gordon (Noni is sometimes spelled Nonny & that’s how it is pronounced).
Previous Name:
Noni Ochert (most people in Betar never knew that my real name is Naomi).
Years in Betar:
1955 - 1969 (Brisbane)
1969 - 1971 (Melbourne).
Positions held:
Madricha, Maskira, Mefakedet Qld.
Earlier life:
Born and educated in Brisbane, moved to Melbourne in 1969 after marrying Joshua Reich,
Betar Shaliach at that time. (Then we lived in a flat around the corner from the Dickens Street
Elwood Maon).
Current marital status:
Now married to Oded Gordon, not a Betari but his father was a Revisionist. Oded was deeply
moved by the massive Betar reunion in Melb. in 1992 and proposed that night!
Daughter of Miriam (who cooked at many Betar camps) and Morris Ochert, better known as
Uncle Morry to Betarim & friends (who set-up, schlepped, repaired, and generally provided
enormous assistance for Betar Camps.)  Sister of David Ochert who was a Madrich in  the
years after I left Brisbane. Mother of Ari (32), Alon (27), Nathan (25) & stepson Nimrod (21).
Grandmother of 4 gorgeous girls Cousin of Regina Wachtel (List)  z"l.
Peers in Betar:
Have a look at the big Samford Valley camp photo on the CD-ROM.
My Madrichim:
Included David Bennett, Sue Gans, Brian Grayson, Les Guralnek, Minky Fabian Marta  Grech.
Schlichim in my era:
Gad Pedhazur, Chaim Golovesky z"l, Shim  Feder, Yerucham Yarden z"l, Yehoshua Reich.
Camps attended:
Yearly Brisbane/Queensland winter camps from the age of 8, plus several Sydney camps and
one in Ballarat. Also attended several Knassim  In Melbourne & Sydney.
Memorable Shmira partners:
Shall remain unnamed.
Current contacts:
Avraham & Raymonde (Strzyg) Appel, Evie Katz (Skall), Aaron Ninedek, Eve Tauber,  Rachel
& Eric Aufgang, Henry Burstyner, Shosh Janoshewitz, John Goldlust, Brian Rudzki, Anne &
Raphy Star, Sam & Ruth Parasol, Tami & Louis De Vries, Anne (Lipski) & David Bennett, Gad
Keeda (Peter Cohen), Lionel (Flapper) Bomzon, Henry Ben Ezra (Bishopverder).
Occupational Therapist, a career spanning 35 years  covering Rehabilitation, Gerontology, 
Community Care, Management. (Many skills carried over from Betar). About to move into 
Israeli Folk Dancing 3 times a week plus dance camps & workshops. Have used dance in
therapy by Choreographing dances and running workshops for wheelchair dancers.
Photography…contributed a large number of photos to Betar CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM & Website are marvelous for nostalgia lovers like myself. Very cleverly &
professionally done, thanks to Harry, John & Aaron.
... at Israel's 12th Yom Ha'atzmaut, Brisbane 1960
... with Oded
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Noni Gordon
Contributed: 2003