Lionel (Arieh) Bomzon aka Flapper
Marital Status:
Living common law.
Children and Grandchildren:
3 boys and 7 grandchildren.
Where I live and how I got there:
Karkur, Israel. I left Sydney in June 1969 and landed in Israel in December 1969 after working
in England and traveling in Europe. I met my ex-wife in Arad, Israel, and we got married in 1971
in Johannesburg, South Africa where I spent 10 years before returning to Israel in 1981. I lived
on Moshav Manof until my divorce in 2000. I relocated to Haifa until July 2015 and now live in
Retired in 2006 after 35 years in academia.
Betar History:
Member from 1960 until 1968 in Sydney.
People who I still see and/or
with whom keep in contact:
Former members of Sydney and Melbourne Betar who live in Israel or who visit Israel
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Contributed: 2015
Lionel 'Flapper' Bomzon