Name: Keith Masnick
Married to: Happily married to Lynne for over 45 years.
Children and Grandchildren: 2 sons and 7 grandchildren. 
Where I live: Sydney.
Education: Have a PHD.
Occupation: Part time researcher in Public Health with emphasis on hybrid modeling systems and workforce.
Previous life as an optometrist and contact lens specialist and designer. Proud to say that all current contact lenses can be traced back to my work in the early 1970s.
Betar History: Joined 1959.
Was Mevaker Artzi in 1965-7.
Spent 1966 in Melbourne as liaison with the Feds
Attended all senior camps 1960-1965 plus a couple of Brisbane ones.
Mentors in Betar: Alfie, Clive, Shim Feder when he was the shaliach in mid 60's, Brian and Ruth Addess who ran my seminar year just before they went on aliya.
First loves in Betar: Ina Klein and Regina List (Brisbane).
Non Sydney contacts: Peter Revelman (Melbourne) , Adam (Ari) Graycar (Adelaide), David Golomb (in Miami)
Contributed: 2015
... In 1966
..AND NOW...
...April 2015
Keith Masnick