Name: Henry Briggs and Miriam Briggs (Deston)
Joined Betar: Miriam Deston  joined Betar 1954 at the age of twelve.We met at the Croydon home of the Sekels'.
Henry Briggs ( Biegeleisen - nee Ehrenreich - Krakow Poland) joined with Bob Sitsky his school mate  in 1956, aged 18. Henry was a child Holocaust survivor, hidden by righteous gentiles in Krakow & arrived in Sydney in 1948.
We were both Madrichim & took groups of younger children in the suburbs of Sydney of a Sunday afternoon, Miriam In Strathfield & Henry in Coogee.
Married to: ...Each other in New York in 1964. Married, by co-incidence, by the Rabbi who signed Henry's Birth certificate in Krakow in 1939. It was an amazing co-incidence!
Children and Grandchildren: We have four children, all of whom played significant roles in Betar Sydney.

Deborah (born 1967) rose through the ranks of Betar to become Mifakedet of the Sydney Snif, completed a B.A. Dip. Ed at Sydney Uni, & then made Aliya to Israel with her girlfriend from Moriah College/Bnei Akiva-Janine Segal. Both girls lived in Jerusalem & went to Ulpan Etzion in Baaka. There Deborah met her future husband—Jean Weill from France. They were married in Jerusalem in 1993, & have four daughters. Deborah is a High School Teacher in Moddi’in.
The eldest Michal is just about to finish her two years in “8200” & will be married to Yisrael Glicksberg Sept. 20th this year.
Dana ( a Blondie & Henry “look-a-like!) has just completed year 12 & will also enter the army very shortly.
Keren, aged 16yrs is a Bnei Akiva Madricha & along with her younger sister Shira, (about to be Bat Mitzvahed). Both are brilliant Gymnasts, swimmers & long distance runners!

Lionel, now known as Ari, born 1969, also rose through the ranks of Betar to become Mefaked of Sydney Snif & with his childhood sweetheart-Shuli Singer, married in 1992 at North Shore Synagogue & also made Aliya, after completing their Uni degrees. They are blessed with five sons. Alon is in the army & works in the “Kirya”, Idan is in “Kfir” a fighting Unit in the Army, Jesse (Yishai) 16 yrs old is in High School with his 14-year old brother - Gilad, both mad soccer enthusiasts! Yona , the youngest, our 9 year old is  in Primary school & a keen Karate exponent. Both Ari & Shuli are very active in their community, Shuli runs an organic vegetable business & Ari is an NGO for Regavim. The whole family came to Australia a few years ago when
 Ari was Shaliach for Betar. Idan ( a Henry look-a-like),then had his Bar Mitzvah in the same Shule as his father & Grandfather.

Naomi, born in 1971, was also active in Betar & Habonim, studied “Hospitality”  & has  an interesting career in Customer Service. She has one son Benjamin Kaye  aged 14, at Emmanuel School, also Bar Mitzvahed at South Head Shul.

Simon, born in 1973, also active in Betar, where he met his future wife Lauren Camberg (from South Africa), &  studied Dentistry at Sydney Uni. Lauren is a Graphic Designer & a published Childrens’ Book Illustrator . They also have four children—Noa, recently Bat Mitzvahed at South Head Shule, Nathaniel our Karate Kid & soon to be 11years old;  Eli, our 8year old Soccer player, our youngest grandchild/grandson Tal, who’ll be 6 in 2015. All Simon & Laurens’ kids attend Moriah College, as did all our children.
Where we live: Henry & I are lucky enough to live part-time in Raanana, Israel (about 5months of the year)
and the rest of the year we live in Sydney where Henry  still practises.
Occupation: Henry is a Consultant Physician/ Cardiologist/ Anti-Aging Physician. Miriam was a primary school teacher, then a speaker to various schools for The Jewish Board of Deputies.
Education: Henry went to Randwick Boys High, then to Sydney Uni & studied in New York & London, where he obtained his Post Graduate degree - FRCP after which we returned to Australia & he took up specialist positions at Western Suburbs, Canterbury & Fairfield Hospitals. At the age of 70 he studied in France & obtained a Diploma in The World Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine.      
Miriam studied in Fort Street Girls High School, then at Machon Gold in Jerusalem & afterwards at Balmain Teachers College, before taking a teaching position at Moriah College & other State Primary schools.
Betar History: From 1954 Miriam attended every Summer Camp ‘till leaving to study in Israel in 1960. She took a group in Strathfield from age 15 to 18 and then  again in 1961 for a couple of years.  Henry lead camps & was on the Mifkada whilst studying..
My Madrichim: My Madrichim were Theo, Larry  & Magda Sitsky & mostly Danny Rosing, who guided my life & aspirations.Also Yael Robinson, Susie Rechniz, &  Hedda Gassenbauer.
People I remember: Shimshon Feder, Chaim & Miriam Golovesky, Gad Pedhatzur & his wife.  Shimon & Ruth Addess (both no longer with us). The Shaliach who most influenced our family was Ferro & Tzilla Assa who “stole” our children & became close, close family friends!!  Emanuel Holding - what a sight he was to us young kids!!! Yosef Steiner,( also no longer with us) & his wife Dora - whom I still see. Sid Agranoff, Avraham Appel, Yaacov Weisman,  Ari Graycar,  Ziva Meckler (Yezerski), Shoshana Kaminski (now Susi  Israel), Vernon Kronenberg, Naomi Kessler, Clive Kessler, Alfie Van der Poorten, Rose (Van Der Poorten) Marks, Peter Wagner, Bob Sitsky, Eva Masnik, Betty Brisson.
People who I still see or keep in contact with: The Hakim brothers from my children’s eras, Harvey & Lorretta Beilik from Melbourne,
 Frida Goldstein & her brother Solly & his wife Rosalie, Theo & his wife Anat, Jack Mirjam & his wife Rosette, Ros & Henry Bishopverder ( Ben Ezra), Shimshon Feder & his wfe Perla, Leah Feder, Felicity & Effy Jacoby, Heather & Danny Rosing, Peter & Erica Keeda, Judy Bahar, Geoff & Ros Williamson, Liz Schneider, Sol Yezerski, Leo & Celia Rogovin ( Regev), Marcia & Bernie Kresner. Obviously my brother David & Debbie Deston & the friend who joined the family by marrying my sister-in-laws’ sister  David Laymanshtein - now Layman  who married Debbie's sister Helen. The Sekel Brothers, Shula Endrey Walder, my cousin Eve  ( nee Scouler) Kirk.
I can honestly say that Betar, Danny Rosing, & the wonderful friends we’ve maintained from that era, have been the mainstay of my life, ideas & aspirations.
I would certainly not be the person I am today without them & I thank them all - you know who you are!!!

Best wishes to & thanks for the memories…
1964 - wedding day

2014: 50th Wedding Anniversary
Henry & Miriam Briggs
Contributed: 2015

2014 Ari, Naomi, Deborah & Simon

2015 Simon, Henry & Ari

2015 Henry look-alikes: Dana & Idan

Henry passed away January 10, 2018.