David Golomb
Luckily for all of us who knew he gave a presentation* of his life to our crowd just 2 weeks before he died so this is an all to brief personal condolence.

David and I began our close friendship in 1949 and although he ended up living in Miami, I often took the opportunity to visit him and his wonderful wife Susha, first in Philadelphia where David was a professor of forgotten Middle Eastern languages (don’t ask me which ones) and the after his retirement when he moved to Miami.

David had a gift for not only languages but also the cultures they encompassed. He had a good singing voice and his dancing was above average.

Although David’s family had multigenerational roots in Australia, he never felt quite comfortable here. He found a direction in life whilst in Israel for the 1967 year. He was able to expand his studies into weird languages and found the love of his life who improved him no end and gave a talented daughter Mirium who he indulged with the same passion as he did most things.

David and I spoke infrequently over the phone yet the knowledge that I cannot ever do that again fills me with sadness. The world is a better place for his contributions and I already miss him.

Keith Masnick

* See 'Celebration of the Living #12 - David Golomb' on this page.

1944 - May 10, 2021
David and I grew up in different cities - he in Sydney and I in Melbourne. Through seeing each other in the camps we attended our early years, we became quite friemdly which was later solidified during the years we spent in Philadelphia, living only 10 miles apart.

We remember well the breakfasts we had with him and Susha on Sunday mornings at Ben & Irv's deli which ceased when, in 2006, they moved to Miami and we to Boynton Beach, both in Florida. The distance between us became larger and the meetings, unfortunately, less.

Old friendships die hard and Elaine and I will miss him. Our sincere condolences to Susha and Miriam.

Harry Stuart
David Golomb Memorial Ceremony, Miami, November 22, 2021

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