Name: Betty Levy (previously Brisson).PhD
Married to: Shlomo Levy.
Mother of: Leora Heitlinger and Yael Arinz. Grandmother of: Kobe, Jemma and Maddison Heitlinger and Leam Arinz.
Betar History: Joined Betar 1954. Attended the Machon le Madrichei CHU”L with Stephanie Gilbert Singer from Sydney (Z”L) in 1959,  Mefakedet Machoz Mebourne (1960-61).
Photo explanation: Left to right, in the  top row  are:  Maddison & Jemma (twin granddaughters). Leora (eldest daughter and mother of the three in the back row) Kobe (eldest grandson) Mark (father of the three) .  Bottom row, Mony, Leam (youngest grandson, son of Yael) Yael and myself. Family photo taken on the occasion in May 2015 of Kobe's BarMitzvah.

I admire your energy and interest and good luck with the project!! Best wishes .
THEN...... Machon Le Madrichei Chutz  L’Aretz in 1959
See photo explanation below.
Betty Levy
Contributed: 2006; updated 2015