Name: Betty Levy (previously Brisson).PhD
Married to: Shlomo Levy.
Mother of: Leora Heitlinger and Yael Arinz. Grandmother of: Kobe, Jemma and Maddison Heitlinger and Leam Arinz.
Betar History: Joined Betar 1954. Attended the Machon le Madrichei CHU”L with Stephanie Gilbert Singer from Sydney (Z”L) in 1959,  Mefakedet Machoz Mebourne (1960-61).
Photo explanation (2015): Left to right, in the  top row  are:  Maddison & Jemma (twin granddaughters). Leora (eldest daughter and mother of the three in the back row) Kobe (eldest grandson) Mark (father of the three) .  Bottom row, Mony, Leam (youngest grandson, son of Yael) Yael and myself. Family photo taken on the occasion in May 2015 of Kobe's BarMitzvah.

 I admire your energy and interest and good luck with the project!! Best wishes.
Photo explanation (2021): On Betty's 80th: The photo is of  my two daughters, Leora, on my left and Yael behind her. To Yael’s right is her son Leam and then to his right are twins, Maddison and Jemma and then their brother Kobe. The grandparents are of course me , Betty and Mony. 
THEN...... Machon Le Madrichei
Chutz  L’Aretz in 1959
...AND NOW - 2021.
See photo explanation below.
Betty Levy
Contributed: 2006; updated 2021 2015.
See photo explanation below.