Tony Aufgang
I was saddened to hear of Tony's passing. I remember him as a gentle, warm, pleasant soul, always smiling. My condolences.

I have a little anecdote about him which maybe you haven't heard. It was in 1972 and I was on long service leave travelling through Europe with a friend. We were in Norway, having travelled by train from Oslo in the East to Bergen, a quaint little city on the west coast. From there we were going by ferry to the UK. We were waiting in a big transfer hall for quite some time having got there too early. Then, a while later a voice behind me said, "Hello, Aaron." This, was a surprise. Who could possibly know me here? I turned around and there was Tony. Even bigger surprise. What a delight! Apparently, he had come from England on the same ferry that I was taking on its return journey. I didn't get a chance to talk to him because we had to board pretty much straight away. Not much of a story but I have never forgotten it, even after 48 years.

Aaron Ninedek

Very sad to hear about Tony.
It was my pleasure to re-unite with Tony in Australia on our visit in 2016. We had not seen each other for at over 50 years and I was surprised how little he had changed. We were in Melbourne High together as far back as 1956 and, of course, in many Betar camps in the following years - so our friendship goes back even further.It is a huge loss for his family - and for all of us.

Harry Stuart

- 2020