This video was made during my wife Elaine and my visit to Australia two years after the first one. I again relentlessly videoed every meeting with Betar friends and relatives over a 5-day period. There are three videos in this time period - the rest were of a personal nature and not for web distribution.

There were many of the old friends in Betar that had not gathered in a long while. The event was hosted by Eve Tauber and Aaron Ninedek. And so, many Betarim sat around and chewed the fat for a few hours - people like David Lewis, Anne and Rodney Gouttman, Henry Burstyner and friend, Aaron Ninedek and Eve Tauber, Peter Revelman, Brian Rudzki, Joe Goldbaum, John Goldlust and Cathy Henenberg, Evie Katz, Lilly Skall, Shoshana Jordan, Imi Weinstein, Tammy and Louis De Vries, Elaine and Harry Stuart.

                          - Harry Stuart

Latest Version: Version April 4, 2019.
Reunion in Caulfield